Noob's Chinese New Year Tournament [Shiny Prizes]

To celebrate Chinese New Year (and to one-up Renaia) I have decided to host a tournament. You’ll get the chance to win shinies, but just for participating you can win a Hidden Power Ice Electrike as well!


Standard Insurgence OU. The banlist will be the latest Smogon ORAS OU one and this tier list. I will also ban Livewire because it’s pretty broken unless there’s a significant objection to that. Team preview will also be on unless there is significant objection. Battles will take place on the simulator which is not yet updated to 1.2.

Additionally, at least two of your Pokemon have to be on the Chinese zodiac (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig). This is just a gimmick so I’m going to allow very loose interpretation of these (rodents can be Rat, cats can be Tiger, birds can be Rooster, etc.) as long as it’s not completely ridiculous (like a Magnezone as a snake)

Because I don’t want the organizational disaster my last tournament was, everyone participating has to come at the same time and all battles will be done at that time. Unless something comes up this will be the time.



The winner can choose the moveset as long as it doesn’t include egg moves (it has Blaze Kick but that really is not useful.


Grand Prize: The Riolu and any one of the other shinies (or two of the other shinies if so desired).

Second Prize: Two of the other shinies

Third and Fourth Prize: One of the other shinies

If two people want the same one the person with the higher place get it. If the winner doesn’t take the Riolu it gets moved to the other pool.

Your account must have been created before this time or you must have joined the Discord before this time to participate. This is to prevent people from joining with dummy accounts.
You may join by commenting here or pinging me on Discord at @A_Wild_Noob_Appeared!#8849


Battle simulator

Insurgence damage calculator

ORAS OU rules

Sample ORAS teams

Lemme in boss.

For my two zodiacs, I’ll have Talonflame (Bird) and Serperior (Danger Noodle).

Gasp Someone noticed- er I mean nice. BTW you didn’t have to say them here. It’d be nice if you nicked them so I didn’t have to figure it out but I’m not going to do anything (not even going to ask if you battle and leave the zodiacs unrevealed) unless there’s a massive rule violation.

Count me in.

Someone on the Discord pointed out that some moves are banned in the Insurgence tier list because of faulty mechanics. Those are not banned because the simulator makes them work correctly. Also note that Arena Trap was retroactively banned from ORAS OU.

@MassyLight10 joined via the Discord


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@Lyan joined via Discord


Because of real-life issues that came up I’m going to have to delay the tournament until this time. Sorry for the last-minute change (and hopefull get more participants). If you can’t participate because of this change you can still claim the Electrike.


Lyan vs Blake

Massy vs Codsauce (Sub for Twich)

Decho vs Lyan (replay buggy, Decho wins)

Renaia vs Massy

Renaia vs Blake

Lyan vs Codsauce (replay unavailable, Lyan wins)

Renaia vs Lyan (replay unavailable, Renaia wins)

Decho vs Massy (replay unavailable, Massy wins)

Decho vs Renaia (only a log is available, Decho wins)

Decho vs Massy (only a log is available, Massy wins)

Congratulations @MassyLight10 on winning!

2nd: @Dechozen101

3rd: @RenaiaPKM

4th: @Lyan

Claimed prizes

First three shinies claimed, Lyan gave up his prize No Electrikes claimed