Noob stuck in the begining, please help

So ive collected the DNA. Now what. Cant talk to mew, he just goes right behind me everytime i turn around. Cant face him? What should i do Start over?

facepalm , it is so easy lmao, for example, if your mew is behind u , u press the up button on your keyboard one time with no power so the player just turns round and doesn’t entirely make a step lol
my English do suck a bit so sorry if this is complicated or smth @drewbie22

Actually the 1st time around he wouldn’t turn to face mew at all. I had to start over and then immediately after you collect the DNA, then and only then, can you turn and face mew to conversate. Then he will transform you. If you dont do right then you will not be able to turn to face him again and will be stuck, in which you will have to start over. Thanks anyway.

You can change the direction you are facing without moving it you tap lightly. You can use that in the Safari Zone in the older games to get encounters without steps.

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