Noname's Fanmade Mega Collection

Just some sprites I’ve been doing for fun, thought I should as well post them here.

Mega Ninjask Type: Bug/Dark Ability: Infiltrator

Mega Mamoswine Type: Ice/Ground Ability:Thick Fat

Mega Dusknoir Type: Ghost Ability: Soul Hunger (Restores hp when hit by ghost moves)

Mega Krookodile Type: Ground/Dark Ability: Adaptability

Mega Arcanine Type: Fire Ability: Flame Body

Mega Fearow Type: Steel/Flying Ability: Armor Piercer (Doubles the damage of any move used in the previously turn)

Mega Muk Type: Poison Ability: Corrosion huge thanks to Thuddgun for helping me with this one


Damn, these are amazing! Especially the mamoswine


Fuckin gorgeous work man. I feel like Tough Claws is a fairly common mega ability tho for Mega Ninjask. Infiltrator would be cool, as it can really be a ‘ninja’.

Ninjask looks pretty awesome

these NEED to be added to the game. Nice work, man!


Can’t… I just can’t stop looking at these. I want that damn Mamoswine.

I’m guessing you used either Paint.Net or Photoshop.

Yes I used photoshop. I thought Tough Claws would work better for Ninjask since his attack is pretty average.

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Dude these are absolutely AWESOME! I so want that Mamoswine and Krookodile

updated first post with a couple older ones I made and a more recent one, shout out to people on discord for the help.

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If that mega mamoswine gets added to the game, its going to be a permanent member of my team.

Easily fixable by just bumping his atk by like, 30-40, then maybe boosting sp atk by 70-60 for an ultimate mixed attacker.

Wow, these are great. Might I suggest a couple? If so, I’d like to see a Mega Exploud with Mega Flygon’s ability (whatever it’s called) and a bug/dragon Mega Yanmega. If not, that’s fine too. Just an idea (or 2).

That Mamoswine is a beauty.i like the arcanine but the flames are a bit jarring.

Can’t seem to be able to edit the original post but here are some others I made.


Typings are what? Where’s mega articuno? The mega poliwhirk looks way to much like you just stretched out a normal one, maybe try to add something, like more swirls to it. The seakings head looks way to big and has too much blank space. Is that blood on the victerebell? Isn’t there already a mega Dugtrio? Where are the shinies(I beat you to it cow)? Other than that, nice job

I need Mega Mamoswine to be a thing in the game soo bad :heart_eyes:

Well damn that’s a bunch

I’ve seen the slaking before, still like it. The zapdos looks sick, though it kinda looks like armor The jinx kinda looks a bit too thin but that may have been intentional.

Bloody victreebel

Mega Mamoswine <3 AWESOME!!!