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No-volution playthrough

After beating Insurgence 3 times with the following playthrus:

  1. Kangaskhan Solo Run
  2. Delta Volcarona Solo Run
  3. Gift/In-game traded Pokemon only Run

Now, I’m venturing into trying to beat this game using Pokemons with no evolution and no pre-evolution. In addition to that, I’m not going to use legendaries and mythicals since they are technically non-evolving species.

Elite Four down, Champion Reukra down, and I have beaten the Pokemon League with a team of mons with no evolution.


Gonna update this post from time to time. Just thought of sharing it here.
EDIT (10/24): Won myself the 6th badge and on the way to Amphitrite City.
EDIT (10/25): Didn’t realize Gogoat had a pre-evolution lol
EDIT (10/27): Just beat my dad for the 8th gym. Can’t be any more proud of my team.
EDIT (10/29): Beat the Elite 4 and the Champion. So proud of the team I built.

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