No text in any Pokemon game (Windows 10)

Hey guys. So I’ve been playing many fanmade games for a while like Pokemon Uranium, Pokemon Rejuvenation, and Pokemon Insurgence and they’ve all been running very well but all of a sudden, I am not able to see ANY text at all in the games including for Pokemon Insurgence. I rechecked the download and files and everything looks right so I’m not sure what exactly happened that prevented texts from appearing in the games. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions?

No text error in Pokemon games

That seems like a font problem. Copy paste the fonts in the fonts folder to wherever the fonts are stored in your computer.

How would I do that?

Go to your Pokemon Insurgence folder, and there will be a folder name “Fonts”. Copy those fonts, and put them in where fonts are stored in Windows 10.(which appears to be Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Fonts)

OK so I did that and dragged the fonts in the Fonts folder in Pokemon Insurgence but it didn’t make any difference. The text is still not visible; everything is still blank.

Hmm, sorry I’m not sure what else could be the problem. You say that all the text in all of the games aren’t showing? If that’s the case, then there’s most likely a problem with your computer(sorry for blaming your computer on this, but it seems to be the case)

No it’s OK haha. The thing that’s bugging me is that I’ve been able to play the game on THIS laptop about a month ago and then all of a sudden, it just stopped working. Thanks for helping though. I’ll try to find some solution.

Okay, good luck!

I wasn’t sure if dragging the fonts folder to where fonts are stored in windows 10 will fix it(have you tried restarting the system?) or not and I’m not sure but it will probably work if you run them no matter where they are.

However double clicking the font files inside the font folder to install them and then restarting the system is the usual solution, hope that fixes it for you. Reason its appearing now in 1.2 is because of UI changes, the fonts weren’t used much if at all in previous versions.