No Man's Land?

So I am doing the quest that requires finding Taen, and I’m at the post where it says; “You can give me, but you cannot take me. It takes one to give me, but two to make me. The biggest circle I begin. And it is I that lies within. To all living things I give breath. But I am not ‘god’ nor ‘life’ nor ‘death’ And like a Phoenix from the urn, through me from ashes it returns.” What do I put inside the box?


Thanks Dechozen. I had a feeling it would be that but my brain wasn’t cooperating with me.

Then feed your brain EV reducing berries to increase the friendship fast and cheap.

Very funny. It’s 12PM already and I haven’t had breakfast so my brain is protesting. :rofl: I beat Taen now I just need to figure out where to go next.

Go heal at a pokemon center and find out.

I remember hearing something about having to heal. Honestly I rarely even heal my Pokemon, I just use potions and stuff until I run out of PP then I go to heal them.

When you heal you’ll hear an announcement pointing you where to go next.

Alright thanks. After finishing this quest I’ll probably get off my computer for a bit and go swim. It’s hot as Satan’s butt outside and having a swimming pool is nice in Summer. :relieved: