No faint challenge

can someone recommend me a team? especially a ghost type, yuki’s trevenant is a real pain in the ass.

I could give you the team I used to beat the e4 if you want,

Another thing I could do is just do the no faint challenge once u reach the e4 rematches, cause by this time u would have access to all primals and mega rayquaza, this is how I managed to complete the no faint challenge lol

Giape, in my opinion using legends is a little bit cheap, using legends in a playthrough would make it easy, since most of em have awesome stats

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It is cheap, but it is just so easy to complete the no faint challenge that way lol

only awesome people like me can use awesome pokemon :sunglasses:



just as u guys started talking, i encountered cresselia, unprepared.


Ahh, so u have reached the E4rematches, probably

i used my masterball on cresselia lol

im running out of pokeballs lmao.

Cresselia can respawn anyways, dw if u are not able to catch it

btw what pokemon did u use?

it struggled itself to death.


I beat the no faint challenge with this team, don’t judge my team, its the team straight from the game
Delta Scizor @ Delta Scizorite
Ability: Tough Claws
Icicle Crash
Bulk Up
Close Combat
Drain Punch

Delta Typhplosion @ Delta Typhlosionite
Ability: Motor Drive
Shadow Ball
Volt Switch
Flash Cannon

Delta Charizard @ Delta Charizardite/Choice Scarf
Ability: Spirit Call
Shadow Ball
Dragon Pulse
Will o Wisp

Crobat (No item)
Ability: Inner Focus
Poison Fang
Confuse Ray

Gigalith @ Wide Lens
Ability: Sturdy
Stealth Rock
Rock Slide
Stone Edge

Delta Snorlax @ Leftovers
Ability: Thick Fat
Belly Drum
Drain Punch
Wood Hammer

Items used:
Lots of full restores, I recommend 30-40

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I have 3 mega pokes, because I was constantly switching megas, for different reasons, for example, I chose Mega Scizor for yuki cause It can drain punch its way through

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thanks, ill build up your team rn.

I added the abilities lol

You can change it up as well, it doesn’t need to be exactly the same, as this was a suggestion

Maybe getting better natures on some of them would help a lot more in your case, also, save before every e4 member, and be cautious with your moves, when one faints, soft reset
Some challenges that I faced:
For London’s first poke, I used Delta Charizard, and shadow balled, if the shadow ball decreases the special defense of london’s poke, He’ll use calm mind, which another shadow ball should ko
In addition, all of my team was 90-100, because I did it first try (I was doing a nuzlocke, so I didn’t want anyone to die, leading me to be extremely cautious)

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