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Nightmare fuel!

don't click

362_1-1.png (2)

i warned you now you will have bad times


nope, i wish i could have better nightmare fuel, this is a fuel wannabe


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That’s really cool

you call this nightmare fuel though… it’s nothing compared to my scrawny bloody pikachu i drew when i was 10 #10YearOldEdge

sans national bird petition! you’ve done it now ahahahhahahahah

Its all about the bad times bro

PERSONA! wait neverminded it’s just that guy who makes bad puns 362_1

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…That’s it? Considering I saw Donald Trump riding a nuke like a cowboy once that’s nothing.

You sure that isn’t Sans?

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it is sans, i was pretending i thought it was the joker(not batman) lol

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Joker from Persona is just Joker, not the Joker.

oh its the joker in smash right, i forgot

Even in Smash Joker is just called Joker.

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oh alr then

don’t forget sans is in smash lmao (laughing my arceus off)

Technically, yes. Haven’t gotten him yet though. Been a bit… preoccupied.

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362_1-1.png (1)

i mean thats better ig

don’t lie

it’s just a monster wth