Nicknames for Arceus

Today we will look at my amazing nicknames for arceus, lets begin.

  • Arse

  • Arse-us

  • Uranus

  • Buttking

  • Buttgod

  • LMAO

  • Arceushole

  • Farty

  • Fartgod
    (Pretty much all of these are butt jokes lmARCEUSo)

  • LmArceuso


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thats the worse name i have ever heard

It MUST be a butt joke



Llama King? That’s what Asylian always calls him.



thats fine, but not as good as

Well I usually don’t nickname my Pokemon (exceptions may exist) so I have no nickname ideas. As I said, Asylian normally nicknames his Pokemon, but he only ever calls it Llama King.
Seriously though, what’s with the butt jokes?


are u a 5yo to talk about butts and farts?

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also if my luck gets better and i get a shiny D ralts wat should i name it

What about B-2? Or Suecra?

i think of calling it AlteredG

Arse lmao

but i am bad at nicknames so i asked for everyone else’s opinions(literally who calls their D venusaur calmest mind?)

no i just can’t over arceus butt jokes lmao

Should’ve known. That seems to be where most brains go.

do you…

yes i did

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