Newsboy's Cap - Hanako's Hat from Katawa Shoujo

Hi everyone!

So this sprite has a bit of a story behind it - a long time back, I played Katawa Shoujo, a free game that can make players very emotional at times. My favorite character was Hanako due to how relatable I found her.

Hanako also has an alternate “cool”-styled outfit that a few other artists have likened to being similar to a Pokemon Trainer’s (example) - inspired by this, I decided I would try and attempt to sprite the hat, which sticks out to me as the most notable part of the outfit. The sprite below is the result and demonstrated in both male and female screenshots below:

Cap by itself:

Male Ingame Demo:

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Female Ingame Demo:

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Download is here. I hope everyone liked the sprite and am open to feedback. :slight_smile: