Newby, I need a Delta cyndaquil

Trading Name: chef spice

Offer: Empoleon, freligatr, Cyndiquil, whatever I got

Request: Delta Cyndaquil

Further info: Afternoon guys, long story short im getting into the game just made it to Sonata town amd i would like a Delta Cyndaquil for psuedo new moon team im working on.
Anything helps and ill do my best to trade what you need, thanka guys in advanced :pray:t5:

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Welcome to the forums.

I can trade you a Delta Typhlosion if you want one?

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I am down and up for it!!! Will you be available around 3:30 PST?
(California time)

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How many hours is from now?

Its 11:30 now so in 4 hours

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Okay, yeah sure, I can trade at that time.

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