Newbie here

Hi everyone just started playing pokemon again after about 4 years of not playing any. I’m in the 4th gym leader and so far I’m impressed with how well made it is for a fan made game.

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First off, according to the rules of the forums, discussion about hacking/cheating or anything of the sort is not allowed
here are the rules:

which also explains why you havent found any other threads


Got it. I can just delete the post if that’s the case. I just accidently opened it and didn’t even know it’s possible to cheat in the game and just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced it


it’s possible in mobile due to built in hacks with joiplay


I didn’t install anything extra other than the app and what it required. I just wasn’t sure how manage to access it. It’s by a complete accident and I don’t even know how to open it again.