New updates for Pokemon Insurgence

Post what you want to see coming in Pokemon Insurgence

Some Updates I want to see are -0 IV stone (Turns a pokemon’s random IV to be 0) I know sounds weird but it can be controlled by the secret base IV stone guy and it helps for trick room sets and to not let the opponent get an advantage of the move foul play -An entry hazard that burns your opponent when they switch in (flying types and levitating pokemons will not be affected) There is one for freeze and paralysis now so why not burn -Thunder Orb, an orb that paralyze the holder, quick feet users will appreciate this These are only some of the things I want to see, so please post your ideas.

the game is feature locked, you can’t suggest things now. the game complete and there’s nothing you can really do about it.

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That’s odd I think since there’s still stuff I think that could use some fine tunning.

There will be bug fixes obviously, but no actual features will be introduced.

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