New UI (looking for feedback)

So maybe it’s just me but I can’t stand the original HP bars. Pokemon never really seems to get them right. So I’ve tried to change them to something similar to the default BattleFight background. I wish I had the ability to actually move things like name or level around, but I’m trying my best to work with where they currently sit.

So far I have made changes to:

  • BattleCommand
  • BattleCommandButtons
  • BattleFight
  • BattleFightButtons
  • BattleFoeBox
  • BattlePlayerBox
  • Resized/Resigned some of the symbols - (Delta, armor, etc)

I would love to hear any feedback about what you like, dislike, or think should be changed.


I like it! But on the other hand, if I were you, I wouldn’t use dragon claw for a delta charizard as it is a special attacker.

Yeah, I need to spend some time improving all my pokemon’s move sets. After I get through all these god damn friend safari’s and complete the pokedex (mostly), I’m going to start building some teams.