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New to the game, Shiny Throh, any interest?

Trading Name: Zim

Offer: Shiny Throh, lvl 16, M

Request: Delta Yanma ?

Further info: I’m new to the game, so I’m not sure the value ratio of things, so if this is an unfair trade just let me know :x

the price is up to you, but there’s a handful of common trades for shinies. For example, if you’re not super interested in receiving another shiny, I could offer up multiple bred IV pokemon of your choice. Some people will also trade for a handful of IV stones or dream mists

If I could trouble you; dream mists? What do they do? And I’m not necessarily against trading for other shinies, really I’m just trying to learn the ropes of this games’ trading community, y’know?

If you take a dream mist to the Dream Guru in Gaea Town, he will use it to change a Pokemon’s ability to its Hidden Ability.

For sure, you can certainly hold out for someone to trade another random shiny for it. Just pointing out that people will also commonly trade bred pokemon w/ 4-5 perfect IV’s, IV stones, and dream mists for them too. Also depends on what the nature of the shiny is as to what people prefer to trade for it.

Thank you guys! This is really helpful info! :slight_smile:

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