New to the game Beginner questions

How does Wonder Trade work? I have tried to trade a Nidoran (f) away and the trade timed out.

Does the Machoke/ Haunter trade in Hekate Town give you a Gengar? Because you are traded a Haunter and that is how he evolves.

Also there is a spot in the Professor’s Lab that I can’t walk. It is atleast a 2 square space just before the bookcases at the entrance. It was like an object was supposed to be there, but all I saw was the floor.

I believe that is all I have for now. The game seems fun so far. Good work by the dev team.

Chances are there wasn’t anyone wonder trading at the same time you were, that’s why it usually times out. More than one person needs to be actively wonder trading at the same time for it to work.

I don’t remember exactly, but iirc it evolves upon the completion of trade although you could try cancelling the evolution by spamming x as soon as you receive it.

That’s a minor bug, that’s the spot Damian was standing at at the time you see Reukra and Sylvan were talking iirc.

Thanks for the response.