New to Insurgence, here's my team so far

Decided to check this out since 1.2 just released. I’m having a lot of fun so far. The difficulty is just right.
Here’s my team, right before challenging Suntouched Gym:

I’ll be very honest with this team analysis here.

Gaston the Gastly: probably one of the best Pokemon choices on your team. Ghost, good for dealing with the large amount of Psychic types just about everywhere; Poison deals with the threatening Fairy types bar Mawile and Klefki. Plus when you do get it, Mega Gengar is very threatening, be it ingame or in competitive.

Gerard the Cubone: A decent choice, but like some other Pokemon on this team, replace with other better Ground types whenever possible. Marowak’s stats are sub-par, and does not get STAB on any coverage. While Ground is an amazing offensive type, it is also prone to many common types like Grass and Water. My suggestion is to replace it with a Drilbur whenever possible (low chance to find in Midna Mine I believe), as Steel is a very solid defensive type, and you get better coverage over any Fairy type, even Mawile and Klefki. That’s just my suggestion though.

Gaia the Delta Snorlax: in my opinion a slightly overhyped Delta. Grass is a bad defensive type, and the only Pokemon which Grass is particularly effective against are mostly Pokemon like Swampert and Gastrodon, which you may encounter a lot while fighting the Abyssal Cult members; but there are other alternatives that work too. Keep it if you will; Tangrowth, despite being a Grass type like Delta Snorlax, is one of the most used defensive cores in the OU metagame. Though I’m not sure if Delta Snorlax gets Leech Seed.

Gendo the Delta Wartortle: not surprising to see on your team as it is your starter; and while the devs have mentioned a buff to it, I don’t notice the difference (trust me, I chose it as my starter in my second save). Dark/Fighting is a bad defensive type, extremely prone to the oh so prevalent Fairy type. While it provides coverage against certain Psychic types, Delta Blastoise has proved to be quite underwhelming to fill the roles it was supposed to, and many Psychic types like Alakazam have Fairy type coverage like Dazzling Gleam. Once again, keep it if you will; I replaced it with Delta Pidgeot, as it gets a boosting move in Dragon Dance (though its best STAB move for most of early game is Bite, and does not get a good physical Dark move until level 60), and can raise its stats to potentially sweep. You can find Delta Pidgey in the deeper part of Samsara Cave.

Giana the Shuckle: I’ll keep this one simple: I see little purpose in using it. Its only niche is Sticky Web, as its offenses are extremely disappointing, and it has too little HP and lack of recovery to be a good defensive core. And later in the game you can get Delta Metagross which also gets Sticky Web but has actual offenses and enough HP to supplement its defenses and even a Mega Evolution. You can consider that. For now I’m not quite sure what to suggest. It depends on what you want.

Garth(why does every Pokemon has a nickname starting with G?) the Woobat: While I’ve never personally used Swoobat before, its stats are also quite disappointing bar speed, and without Simple does not have the ability to sweep. I’ve also noticed you lack a Fairy type on your team, so if you want to keep a Psychic type on the team, Gardevoir is the to-go Pokemon. While Ralts and Kirlia are extremely frail, Gardevoir with Calm Mind has the ability to sweep. I also suggest to deliberately catch one with Trace, because against Audrey, she will lead with a Volt Absorb Lantern which, because of the amazing AI, will keep using Electric moves on the Gardevoir(which now has Volt Absorb because Trace copies the foe’s ability). In the meantime, you can keep setting up Calm Minds and nab yourself an easy win.

TL;DR: weird team, but anything works tbh, my suggestions are just to make the experience easier.

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G Squad?

Mega Marrowack is pretty swag. Mega Gengar is a beast. You could use either of them as your mega eventually.

Besudes that not really anything on that team you wouldnt wamt to replace eventually.

Ha ha, yeah it is a bit of a weird team, but it’s not close to my final one.