New Team!

Hello, so I know I need to fix up my team, and I do need a Psychic/Fairy type. I am planning on switching out Delta Scyther for Delta Pawniard when I get him(Im super close to where he is) and im wondering who I can replace who with. I do have Kadabra and Kirla but I am unsure of who to replace. Some advice will be appreciated!! Thank you!

you could replace Haxorus with kirlia (assuming that this is for gardevoir) since you already have delta Charizard as your dragon type. Also, have you considered delta Haxorus to replace feraligatr? It’s also a physical water type but with a steel to take care of fairies since you don’t already have one

i accidentally killed delta axew…

If ur interested, you can probably ask for one in the trades section, or one of us could trade u one for an IV stone?

that is why you save before battling a mon. Next time, at least quicksave so you don’t miss out