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New project after Insurgence?


I believe I remembered to hear that the developers from Insurgence, started a new Pokemon game. If that’s correct, whats the name of the project, so I can follow their progress.


not sure but i hope it’s following in the Holon reigon


Several Insurgence developers are working on Pokemon Epsilon, a massive overhaul to Pokemon Zeta/Omicron which was their previous project before Insurgence

Details can be found here:


oh hope they don’t mess the deltas up with recoloring them like they did in Zeta/Omricon


And my worries are that will they rename this website or make a new one ???


We’ll likely make new ones. It’s not particularly hard.

Don’t worry. We came up with the concept of custom deltas during Insurgences development process, and will definitely continue working with it. You can actually already see a planned delta in the latest update post!




recolor deltas are gross so we’re doing cool ones




Will there be pokemon followers?


no not azurite


Is Calreath going to be alive ??? hehe he he he …


He will most likely not appear at all. Epsilon’s story will have nothing to do with Insurgence and Torren from what I’ve collected.


Still never accept he’s dead


better accept it because his fate in insurgence is the only one he’s getting. Epsilon has no connection to Insurgence whatsoever.