New Primals

There exsists primal groudon and kyogre in pokemon and to some extent primal dialga[#primalbeforeitwascool] and since primal kyogre exsists in insugence[and most probably primal groudon] it would be cool to see primal dialga[#originalprimal] and primal palkia or something similair[legendaries in game lore like lugia] in the game i would love to have a primal dialga[especcially after how hard it was in MD SKY i need to torture it]

It would Be great…i Really want to see a primal giratina,and primal dialga/palkia too I hope they will add these primals info the game in the future (:

oh man imagine a primal giratina, that’d be sickkk

I don’t think so, though. I mean, I love the idea, really, but it would be really good to just “throw them there”? Post-game legendaries are not that exciting, and the Storyline, as far as I know, ended already.

And then, they would need to come up with new stats/typings/abilities, much like they did with kyogre/groudon, who would fit the theme, and would not break completely the game. Honestly? As much as it would be badass, I don’t think that would be nice to get.

Suze mentioned a couple of DELTA legendaries will be implemented in the game. (On his twitter)

I thought someone just asked and he didn’t say one way or the other… link?