New Pokemon/Item/Ability/Move List

This thread is to list information about the new Pokemon, Items, Abilities, and Moves (that aren’t in the Wiki), because the Wiki doesn’t contain information on what everything is yet. Post in this thread to either say what a thing does or let me know if something is added to the Wiki (in which case it can be deleted from this thread).

How to calculate the base stats of a Pokemon

I’ll explain how to do this by calculating the base stats of Mega Flygon. This method won’t work if your Pokemon is over level 100.

Step 1: Enter a battle and Mega Evolve it. While in the battle, go to the summary page.

Step 2: Go to

Step 3: Enter your Pokemon’s EVs, IVs, Nature, and Level. It has Abomasnow’s data loaded in by default but that’s fine. You don’t need to change anything else other than EVs, IVs, Nature, and Level.

Step 4: In the damage calc, tinker with the Base Stats until the actual stats on the right match your Pokemon’s actual stats.

Below are the things that aren’t in the Wiki. If you know any of these Megas’ base stats, Deltas’ abilities, or what these items/moves/abilities do, then please post them.

  • Mega Politoed - 90 HP / 75 Atk / 95 Def / 120 SpA / 140 SpDef / 80 Spe - Water type, Drizzle

  • Mega Chatot: 76 HP / 65 Atk / 55 Def / 147 SpA / 52 SpDef / 116 Spe - Normal/Flying type, Amplifier

  • Primal Regigigas: 110 HP / 195 Atk / 140 Def / 95 SpA / 100 SpDef / 100 Spe - Normal type, Unaware

Deltas (alphabetical order)
  • Delta Buneary: Fighting - Frisk/Pickpocket

  • Delta Froakie: Grass - Steadfast

  • Delta Goomy: Water/Ground - Water Absorb/Overcoat

  • Delta Tangela: Ground - Dry Skin/Sand Force

  • Delta Tentacool: Grass/Poison - Regenerator/Poison Touch

  • Delta Yanma: Grass/Flying - Leaf Guard/Adaptability

  • Periodic Orbit

  • Wind Force

  • Sleet: Summons hail that does double damage

  • Crystal Rush - apparently this move is bugged

  • Jet Stream - Makes the user move first during the next turn. The exact mechanics are unclear (for example, does it add, say, +3 priority to the move, or +1, or +4, etc.? Or does it make the next move go first regardless of how low priority it is?)

  • Achilles Heel - 150 power, 100% accuracy, 5 PP, Normal type, Physical: only works if your team has any Pokemon in the same evolutionary line as any Pokemon on the opponent’s team.

  • Permafrost: This is an entry hazard which has a 20% chance of freezing any grounded Pokemon that switches in. Grounded Ice-types absorb this hazard.

  • Snore Ball: If this ball fails to catch a Pokemon, then the Pokemon will be asleep for the next turn only.

Achiles heel: 150 BP, normal type. only works if your team has any pokemon of the same line as your opponent’s team. Like a better version of synchronoise.

Permafrost: Livewire but with freeze status. Dunno if it’s absorbed by anything.

Unleafed. boosts speed and special attack 2 stages each.

Wind force: I think it’s like lightning rod but with flying type moves. Boosts special attack, I think.

I’m still curious about the ancient ball, delta ball, and one of the other pokeballs.

Thanks for the response! I’m not going to add Wind Force for now because you seem not to be 100% sure (which is fine - I’m not sure what it does either exactly). I’ll add it to the OP once someone knows what it does for sure.

It’s pretty obvious that the Delta Ball has an increased catch rate vs Delta Pokemon but I have no idea what that catch rate is (and unfortunately it’s impossible to determine what the catch rate of a ball is just by trial and error). I mean, it’s probably like x3 or something just based on other similar Pokeballs but who knows.

Also, are you sure that’s how Unleafed works in the most current version? I think it was buffed in a recent update.

I calculated 90 HP/75 Atk/95 Def/120 SpA/140 SpDef/80 Spe

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I calculated 70 HP/50 Atk/65 Def/115 SpA/150 SpDef/135 Spe

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I’ll take a bit of time to add this to the wiki right now. Thanks for the stats.

Mega Delta Girafarig should have the same stats as the normal one, so unless that has changed it should be good too.

I calculated 76 HP/ 65 Atk/ 55 Def/147 SpA/ 52 SpDef/ 116 Spe

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You’re giving me too much info too fast ‘A’

I calculated 75 HP/ 85 Atk/ 80 Def/135 SpA/105 SpDef/45 Spe

Unleafed gives it +1 in all stats for x turns, x being the number of deaths on your team. It loses the stat boosts after that.

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I’m done with the first

■■■■ that took longer than I thought it would. Bear with me ‘^’

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Done too. Hopefully with less mistakes.

fewer mistakes* :stuck_out_tongue:

Created the unleafed ability page:

EDIT: also added mega sunflora’s stats.

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I added a section in the original post for Deltas. We know all the Deltas have the same stats as their regular counterparts, but their typings and abilities are different. A lot of Deltas aren’t in the Wiki, so if you know the types and abilities of any of the Deltas that aren’t in the Wiki, please post here!

Added Haxorus:émon) EDIT: Oops, my bad. Fixed now.

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Great, thanks! Mega Haxorus is actually Dragon/Steel type though.

Mega Jirachi - Periodic Orbit image

Tested it a little in battle basically your delayed moves (eg. doom desire) will activate again the turn after it hits (you are free to use another move), there will then be a delay before it hits again.

Hm, where’d you get the jirachite?

I can’t say, but I believe you can put Jirachite on an egg using the egg generator.