New pokeball actual catchrates

Does anyone know how much delta and anceint balls increase the odds by when used properly?

I think Ancient Ball can catch any legendary without fail.Dunno bout delta ball.

Ancient ball is not that good. I’ve used it on many legendaries.

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Yep it took me about 50 anceint balls where a good 20 of those where asleep to catch rayquza

Heavy balls are the real legendary catchers and are honestly overpowered as hell if we’re looking comparatively. A legendary has a .3% unaltered chance of being caught. Almost all pokeballs function off multiplying that chance(Ultraball is x2 for example) Heavy ball says ■■■■ that and just gives you a big fat flat number. So chucking an ultraball at a full health groudon is a .6% chance of success, chucking a heavy ball at one is 40.3%!!!

Ive caught giratina, groudon and zygarde in three balls or less after taking them to red and putting them to sleep