New player's questions. Apologies for ignorance

First question: Are there non-Delta Red/Blue starters somewhere in the game, to be captured, traded for or bred? I would like to play with a vanilla Blastoise in this game. If they are, info on how one gets them would be appreciated.

Second: Is anyone working on a Delta Feraligator (with precursors)? Like Blastoise, his use of Bite and Crunch would do beautifully with a Dark type, maybe a Dark/Steel?

Third: Any chance the clothing section is going to get a hoodie?

yes there are in hidden grottos

but in the options you can turn on purity mode to have no deltas or fan megas (meaning you start with either Eevee, squirtle, bulbasaur, or charmander) (you can change this setting later if you want fan megas or deltas)

for example you can turn on purity mode get your non-delta starter then turn it off


Thanks for the quick answers! I’m interested in having both a normal and delta Blastoise. Is that possible? It seems, if I understand your answers, that I can start with Delta Squirtle, then later find a hidden grotto with a normal Squirtle?

yes that is correct

Awesome! Thanks for the help!

NP :slight_smile:

Also, here’s a list of all pokemon currently available in the gameémon_Locations

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but you can only get the mega stone for delta blastoise tho if thats okay with you

I mean, I’d rather be able to get it too, but I’m not coding the game, so what can I do but wait and hope that changes?

You will need to play on another save and trade the stone to your main by getting help from others like on discord(idk how to use it) theres a guide on the forum i did that for all delta dtarters and their megastones

Sorry for the late reply. Anyway,

  1. Yes. Either turn on Purity mode when picking a starter, pick one up in IRC Hekate Town(Around that) pokemon center, or Hidden Grottos.

  2. Not to my knowledge.

  3. Probably.

you can get Charizards at the dragon ruins, and the insurgence wiki basically lists where to find all pokemon that are catchable