New Player; looking for Pangoro

Trading Name: Royalmoose

Offer: For the right nature and ability, I’m willing to offer an IV stone (especially if you throw in an Eevee). Otherwise I don’t have much to offer, maybe a Guts Machamp, EV trained with good IVs. Or a Heart Scale? Let me know what I can offer in return. Hopefully, we can help each other (and we don’t overcharge each other haha).

Request: Pangoro (Iron Fist - Adamant nature)

Further info: Hi all! I’m looking for a Pangoro or Pancham, to fill out my team in preparation for the E4 (first time). If they don’t have the right nature or ability I’m still interested, as that would at least allow me to use my dexnav to find more easier. A 1% encounter rate is just pretty hard if you don’t get lucky.

I started last week I love Pangoro, but he’s very hard to find!

i have a panchum with the right ability but a brave nature if that works

ill be on today at 6:00 PST

I’m really sorry! I have been away for the past day.

I’m on JST (Japan Standard Time) UTC/GMT +9 hours, and will be available today from 11:00 till about 6:30, I’ll check back here regularly.

Let me know if you have some time this weekend.

Also, what do you want to trade it for?

hey i am on right now if that works i don’t need anything. Its free of charge

Are you still on in an hour? I just woke up. Man our schedules don’t overlap much

And thank you so much!

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