New player here - LF Delta Aron and Delta Turtwig

Trading Name: Eudaimonia

Offer: n/a

Request: Delta Aron egg, Delta Turtwig egg

Further info: Hi there! I’m a totally new player, just started yesterday, currently at Midna town. I looked through the wiki and fell in love with the designs of Delta Aggron and Delta Torterra and would like to ask if anyone has an extra egg for either/both that they can spare, so I can have them in my team from the beginning. From what I read it seems that I can only get both quite late in the game and I would prefer to be able to use them from the start, preferably in egg form so I don’t encounter issues with them not obeying me… >< Thank you so much!

EDIT: someone is getting me the Delta Aron egg so I don’t need it anymore, but if anyone can get me a Delta Turtwig that would be appreciated!

I believe I have a few delta turtwigs in my boxes, I wouldn’t mind sending you one

Is this fine @eudaimonia?

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