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New Player Going In Blind, Team Advice? NO SPOIL

hi, so im very new to this fangame (its been in my sights for a while but i just got around to downloading the game. i picked delta bulbasaur, since i think it is very cute, however i have a question. without spoiling anything, what Pokemon would be good for the whole game that i can catch relatively early? i want to have a good team that can help me through the game. i am playing on easy mode, since its my first time playing, if that helps at all.

You can get a Gastly in Shade Forest, and in this game you can evolve trade evos without trading, so Gengar can be good. Honestly, just having M. D. Venu with CM Psychic Moonblast Shadow Ball soloes most of the game. Gengar/Gyarados are great, as are Scizor and D. Scyther. When you get Delta Scyther, don’t evo it, in game, Hustle Hone Claws with Eviolite is a great set that can beat a lot of things. Excadrill is another great mon that hurts a lot of notable enemies, as is Scarf D. Gardevoir.

Use delta roserade I swear you won’t regret it
Delta hax, gyrados and delta crustle are all great mons too. Gyrados especially cuz it gets dragon dance

if you are playing on easy you would make it through the whole game with any mons you want as long as you have type coverage and a good revenge killer or 2

You can use literally any reasonable mon and complete the game on easy mode. Tho fair warning even thonit says “easy mode”, it’s still wayyy harder than the main games

even on hard it’s not that challenging but you just need to have good mons with good coverage and items
i only struggled with one part of the game that i dont want to spoil

Maybe patrat or the nidorans.

And by the way, welcome to the forums!

thank you! i hope to spend more time here after i complete the game since i dont want to be spoiled, so i appreciate the welcome!