New Player : Current "Overall" Status of the Game?

Hey guys! Coming here from Reborn! Finished EP 16 and loved it (first fan-made game) and I’ve been craving another to satisfy my newfound pokemon addiction haha

I looked around the forums, wiki, and the about page but I can’t seem to find any list of what is currently available in the overall “big picture.”

  1. How many gyms will there be in the final release? I’ve read multiple threads about the game being completed sometime later this year, and I’ve looked at the blogs to see what is being added, but I would like a general idea of what is already in the game.

  2. What does the current “end-game” look like? Is there an Elite Four already implemented, and are you able to challenge them again?

  3. Are you allowed to speed up the game? I saw one thread said no hacking is allowed, but I wonder if that applies to using a certain program I will not name to speed up the game to 2x speed? For example, Reborn has a 3x speed implemented into the game, but that is too fast for me, so I’ve been using a program to make it 2x. Will that forfeit my account? (Although I don’t really play for multiplayer, mainly singleplayer enjoyment)

  4. How long is the current gameplay? Any rough estimate would be awesome!

Thanks guys!

P.S. Sorry, late addition. Are there any topics and/or site (I know of the wiki) to determine competitive ranks for the new delta pokemon and such? I always used Smogon

  1. Pretty sure it’s 8 gyms

  2. Up to the 6th gym, but theres still loads of content and your pokemon should be in the 70s currently. Also there is 1 legendary you can catch.

  3. There is speed inbuilt and you can change how fast in settings

  4. I forgot i haven’t done the main story in a while but maybe about 12 hours of gameplay?? I can’t really answer this one. Hope i helped.

  1. 8, and a second region without gyms
  2. Not atm, will be in the next patch. Endgame mostly consists out of trading, and hunting for several rare things, such as mega stones and a legendary
  3. There is a speed up built into the game. There is also a setting that allows you to change this speed.
  4. Depends on the playstyle. 10 (speedrun)-50(talking to everyone, doing everything) hours.

Competitive ranks can be found on the battle simulator

Thanks for the quick reply man!

  1. Awesome. Do you know if there is anything like a Battlefront or something coming in (if not already implemented?)

  2. Perfect!

2&4. Holy hell, 6th gym and 12 hours of gameplay but level 70… I have no idea what to expect haha Going to download now!

What exactly do you mean by a battlefront?

Oh wow thank you also for the quick reply!

  1. Oh awesome second region, that makes things make more sense form DeltaDragon’s reply haha

  2. Great to know, I love being a completionist haha

Thank you so much for the link!

  1. Eight.

  2. I’m not entirely sure. There will be a second (mini) region, and battle frontier (?)

  3. Press M

  4. There’s a ton to do outside of the main story so I’m at a bit over 400 hours of gameplay, however storywise I’d say anywhere from five to forty hours (?)


Hmm… I forgot which game… I think it was during the generation with Emerald? There would be an end-game-ish area where you battle trainers with max level pokemon and such for rewards. Some other fan games have it where you rebattle gym leaders

Like the battle frontier? I haven’t played Zeta/Omicron but from what i have heard theres a similar place called the Phoenix Iota which will be returning in Insurgence? Correct me if i am wrong cow or deuk

Yea. Battle Frontier.

Thanks for the reply!

Oh man, I didn’t expect such an active and quick responding community haha Wow 400 hours though… I’m looking forward to any game that has that kind of length!

Yeah but he sort of has like a box full of shinies lol

Yeah most of it I spent shiny hunting, breeding competitive pokemon and trading

Join this too

Holy… a box full… haha @Cow538 thanks! I’ll join it soon!

Oh yeah level cap is 120 in this game as well by the way.

Yea I read that in some of the threads… that’s insane haha So is the EV/IV system the same still? Or is it spread a little thinner so you see the full results at 120?

Yeah, the EV/IV system is still in the game. A neat little feature is that you can check the EVs and IVs in the summary of a mon.

It’s still the same but unlike gen 6 the cap is still 255 so you gotta be careful for your EV Training. As far as i know IVs are the same

@Cow538 @DeltaDragon Ah good old 252/252/6 lol

Thanks for the replies and all the information guys!

No problems. Enjoy your time playing!