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New Moon Team


Mega Delta Charizard: Noctem, Delta Charizardite, timid nature, 252 Sp. Atk EV 252 Spe EV


-Shadow Ball




This is the first new moon setter. High special attack and great speed, good for an early fight kill. Shadow Ball is good stab. Substituite for some setup. Flamethrower and Ice Beam for coverage.

Spiritomb: Noctem, Dark Rock, Adamant Nature, 252 Atk EV 252 HP EV


-Knock Off

-Sucker Punch

-Shadow Sneak


Second new moon setter. Knock off and sucker punch get boosted damage making them also useful for dealing damage. Shadow Sneak for revenge/priority, will-o-wisp for burn

Delta Volcarona: Absolution, D. Volcarona Armor, timid nature, 252 Sp. Atk EV 252 Spe EV


-Dark Pulse


-Aura Sphere


Can take a beating with the armor equipped. Absolution plus new moon plus stab makes dark type moves do 3.375x normal damage. Corrode is super effective against steel types and stab. Aura Sphere for coverage. Roost for recovery from absolution damage.

Delta Electivire: Shadow Dance, Life Orb, Adamant Nature, 252 Atk EV 252 Spe EV



-Rock Slide


-Swords Dance

It outspeeds everything under new moon. Swords dance can be used for set up. Outrage does ridiculous damage with life orb plus adamant. Rock Slide for stab. Earthquake for coverage.

Delta Blaziken: Gale Wings, Flying Gem, jolly nature, 252 Atk EV 252 Spe EV



-Zen Headbutt


-Hone Claws

Priority stab double damage flying gem boosted acrobatics will do heavy damage to most things. Zen Headbutt for stab. Superpower for coverage. Hone Claws has doubled effects under new moon.

Delta Blastoise: Shadow Dance, Leftovers, modest nature, 252 Sp. Atk EV 252 Spe EV


-Nasty Plot

-Aura Sphere

-Dark Pulse

-Flash Cannon

Is used to cover team weakness to tyranitar, given sand stream. Nasty Plot for set up,plus double speed with shadow dance under new moon. If tyranitar is present, aura sphere, stab, potentially single nasty plot boosted will do 12x damage (4x1.5x2). Dark Pulse for stab. Flash Cannon covers 4x fairy weakness.

This Team is designed to capitalize on new moon. All of the members can all utilize it effectively. They can all cover each other quite well and don’t need huge set up, allowing to save the turns of new moon. This is for competitive, not story use.


Delta Charizard doesn’t need all of those attacks. New Moon Shadow Ball is so strong, coverage is only really useful against specific targets. Dragon Pulse can be dropped, New Moon Shadow Ball will do more to pretty much any target in OU (which I’m assuming this team is supposed to be for, since that’s the main format on the sim). Substitute is a good replacement. It helps it against two Pokemon which threaten it- Bisharp and Tyranitar. Substitute protects you from Sucker Punch and lets you KO Bishrp on the next turn with Flamethrower and using it on the switch to Tyranitar protects you from Pursuit.

I can’t finish my rate right now but one thing I’ll leave off with for now is to watch out for the Tyranitar weakness because it removes your weather and blows holes through your team. Having supereffective moves against it isn’t enough because it won’t necessarily stay in on them.


Thank you. I made my edit with your suggestions


You could really use some entry hazards, I know you want a new moon team but you could get a Klefki with prankster 252 HP 252 SpD 4Def EVs you can switch them if you want Just be tanky. REFLECT, LIGHT SCREEN,SPIKES,DRAINING KISS make it hold light clay and just pick a defensive nature you could also just Baton pass tanky stats to a Delta Roserade with Heliophobia or you can switch the Delta Mega Charizard with a Mega Delta Glalie with stealth rock.


And give the roserade toxic protect and Moonblast/Dark pulse Calm Mind