New moon team suggestions


Spiritomb, Noctem, Neutral
Dark Rock

-Sucker Punch
-Willow Wisp
-Phantom Force

D. Typhlosion, Lighting Rod, Modest
Mega Stone

-flash cannon
-energy ball
-volt switch/new moon (not sure what to use)

D. Roserade, Shadow Dance, Modest
Choice Specs/Life Orb

-Lunar Cannon
-Sludge Wave/energy ball
-Moonblast (if in dire need)

Greninja, Protean, Timid
Life Orb/Leftovers

-dark pulse
-filler move (depends on the opponent)

Blaziken, Speed Boost, Adamant
Life Orb

-High Jump Kick
-Hone Claws
-Baton Pass

Who is a good sweeper for blaziken to baton pass into?

Spiritomb: probably best to go with shadow sneak over phantom force unless you don’t care about taking a good bit of damage if you want to stick with the physical route. Also, there’s no need for two statusing moves, might want to go with pain split instead of hypnosis.

D. Roserade: no point in having moonlight, as it’s a pretty frail mon anyway, recommend switching it out for heatwave. might also want to consider dark pulse over lunar cannon due to the flinch chance.

Greninja: useful filler move would be gunk shot, might want to consider replacing extrasensory with either ice beam or grass knot

I’d probably switch out blaziken all together, as baton pass wouldn’t really be much help for your team. There are some other good options to take advantage of new moon. Alakazam with shadow ball coverage would probably be useful to shore up weaknesses and take advantage of new moon

My team now is
Mega D Typhlosion
D. Roserade
Hone Claws, Eviolite D. Scyther