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New moon team suggestions

NEW MOON TEAM(for hard mode e4)

Delta Roserade - Shadow Dance
cho. specs, life orb
-lunar cannon
-sludge wave
-energy ball

Spiritomb - Noctem
dark rock
-knock off
-sucker punch
-shadow sneak

Delta Typhlosion - supercell(mega)
d. typhlosionite
Hasty(sorta annoying)
-flash cannon

How should I fill in the last three pokemon on my team, and what edits would you make to my already existing pokemon?Preformatted text

i’d use energy ball and dark pulse for the last 2 on d.typh

What other mons should I use?

d.volcarona is a good option. can go with timid or modest (timid prob best for hard).
moves are:
aura sphere
lunar cannon if new moon, dark pulse if not
sludge bomb/wave
i run it with absolution for offensive

It’s post game though, this is my 3rd play through,
first on hard, I’m just trying to have a really broken weather team for the e4

i can trade over a modest d.larvesta if you want for your new moon team