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New Moon D. Volcarona Idea

D. Volcarona is a great Pokemon. Most people don’t think about Absolution, which is fair because Levitate is more viable, but D. Volcarona can function as an offensive sweeper. D. Volcarona with a naturally high 135 base special attack, plus the Absolution 1.5x boost, plus Lunar Cannon being STAB and hitting for 35% more, makes this set amazing. It also has a 100 base speed which allows you to outspeed most Pokemon in the tier.

Now, let’s get into the set.

New Moon Sweeper Set

Delta Volcarona @ Life Orb / D. Volcarona Armor
Ability: Absolution
Timid / Modest Nature
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Speed

  • Lunar Cannon: boosted up to ~212 base power with STAB and New Moon, pretty spammable on neutral/effective targets
  • Corrode / Sludge Bomb: Additional STAB move
  • Earth Power: Good coverage move
  • Thunderbolt / Shadow Ball: Thunderbolt is a great coverage move, Shadow Ball is nice with its extra boost in New Moon

100 is good in normal gen6 but all those new megas outspeed it and its only speed boosting move is tailwind which lasts 3 turns which is pretty unreliable but if you give it armor it can take a hit but then it wont strike as hard because darkness ends so i think it would be a pretty good late game sweeper but delta roserade is better at it because it only needs darkness and its easier to setup darkness because of noctem mons

It could always use Choice Scarf I guess but I think base 100 with Timid is enough and packs enough power…

100 is almost always enought but then you run into a mega cryogonal or some other fast mega with high attack and then u get 1shot