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New Mega Flygon Back Sprite Request

Currently the back sprite for mega flygon is too wide and begins to slip into the healthbar area making it look off. I was wondering if someone would be able to resprite the back shot and post it if that’s possible. Thank you!

I think I fixed the sprite! On my screen, it now looks like this:


Here’s the .png file you need: Google Drive Link
Just download it and replace the picture in Battlers called “330b_2”.

I hope that works for you! If it doesn’t, you can make small changes to the placement of the sprite yourself by cropping the picture. The less empty space on the right side of the sprite there is, the closer it will be to the health bar area. God bless!

– Servant of the King

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Thank you so much!!

No problem, glad to help! May the critical hits be ever in your favor, and may Fairy-type moves always miss your Flygon. XD

Hey, I just noticed that your Flygon doesn’t have a nickname. Just out of curiosity, do you tend to name your Pokemon, orwdo you like to leave them with their original names, usually?

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I used to always nickname them but I’ve been starting to enjoy the default names quite a bit recently.