New guy here =D

Hello, my name is Emerald and i’ve been playing insurgence for a good time and I’d like to participate here with suggestions and discussions! Well, here are some things about me:

  • I’m a 23yo guy and I’ve been playing pkmn since I was 10 (when I got my first GBA) and I really like 3rd gen (Emerald is for the Emerald version, which is my favorite).
  • My favorite pkmn is Sceptile, which is yours? I really like to know that! I like Charizard to (Y and X) and Greninja (a ninja frog is awesome - and I like Naruto)
  • I’m learning the competitive ways but I prefer the 4fun teams! But I’m trying breeding and that stuff, and if someone wants a pkmn with a certain ability or nature and I could help just talk to me and I can see if I can get one (just got a Froakie with Protean… Didn’t know we could get one from FS… And now I’m very excited about breeding and natures and hidden abilities!)
  • I like to give suggestions (also, I have one that I’m working on which is not related to the game mechanics but would be cool to see).
  • I like theories about pkmn and the game (love to read the main character theories!)
  • I’m from Brazil! I think that’s it. Nice to meet you all xD
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Hey, nice to meet you!

Welcome to the forums!

Nice to meet you! So you’re a sceptile fan, eh? My first pokemon ever was oshawott (I started playing pokemon when I got pokemon white). But as for my favorite pokemon, I personally like the starly line.

Good to meet you and hope to see you around!

I am glad you introduced yourself. Your favorite Pokemon is Sceptile. Cool. Mine is Charizard although my first game was Pokemon Platinum. My favorite non-starter is undecided although I like Gliscor, Gallade, Ninetales, and Nidoking. I love the main character theories too! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the pokemon insurgence forums! It is really Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the community :smiley: I’m Mg98 an… wait, a sceptile fan? My first pokemon was mudkip :confused: Anyways, welcome to the community again and dont doubt about joining the discord channel :slight_smile:

Yea, another Sceptile fan! Nice to meet you, my name is Altra.

Nice to meet you! I don’t usually comment on the forum that often but I do occasionally. My favorite Pokemon is Darkrai. If you like reading about main Pokemon characters have you read the Pokemon adventures manga? I’ve read until the end of the heartgold soulsilver saga and they have really good character development and story arcs, much more in detail than the games. Read it if you haven’t yet!

Hi! My favorite pokemon is Infernape because the first video game I have ever played was Platinum and I chose chimchar which became Infernape and the same one currently is in my main party in pokemon Omega ruby. I have a lot of memories from it and its appearance in the anime reflects my personality <3 Anyway nice to meet you!