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New Function for Secret Base: Massager

Hey, I noticed that this game doesn’t have a massager to help with raising friendship in this game. So I thought: Why not have it as a function for the secret base, instead of making a whole new building for it in a random city? Plus it would be more convenient to access and get your massages if it was in a secret base.

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You can buy berries to increase friendship at a very low cost in the Helios City Mall. While a massager isn’t a bad idea, it’s not really needed

Correct but do you know how to add that function to the files?

That is true but the fact that you have to decrease the stats of the pokemon, that is just a big price to pay. I know that for a fact because my D. Roserade literally has no Sp. Def on it.

It literally gets Ohkoed by a special attack no matter what it is.

I mean, you could buy the ones that reduce the Atk instead XD and EVs can be trained pretty easily in this game anyway. I’m not opposed to this suggestion, I just feel that the current system works fine

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Ok. Then I will ev train my roserade