New forms for Kyogre and Groudon

Gamefreak has really done a good job of explaining the history and major events of the Pokemon world, Arceus created the universe, Palkia, Dialgia, Giratina and all that. But they missed out one important event of the Earth, and that is the Ice Age.

The rise of Oxygen and drop of Carbon dioxide for the cause of the Ice Age just doesn’t seems right for a fictional video game. So that’s why I brought up this idea for GameFreak to add in a new form of Kyogre - Glacier Kyogre. A Water/Ice type, the total stats would be still 770 but just a few tweaks and a new ability, as well as a new special move for Kyogre as Gamefreak just gave it a Hydro pump with more PP

Held item: Frozen Crystal

HP: 100 Atk: 86 Def: 130 Sp Atk: 194 Sp Def: 160 Speed: 100

Ability: Primordial Glacier

  • Powers up Water moves
  • Same tier with Primordial Sea
  • Decrease Ground attacks by 20% (Seismic activities starts to decrease after the earth cools down)
  • Immunity to Fire -Increase accuracy of Ice Attacks, does not increase accuracy of Electric attack

Signature Move: Glacier’s Rage (Special) Power: 110 Accuracy: 70 Has a 50% chance to freeze

That being said for Kyogre’s form. The Ice Age did come to an end and there was only few pokemon that can stop Kyogre’s triumph and bring balance to the earth again and that is Groudon’s new form - Volcanion Groudon

Held Item: Fiery Crystal

Ground/ Fire HP: 100 Atk: 180 Def: 160 Sp Atk: 110 Sp Def:115 Speed: 100

Ability: Desolate Land

  • Immunity to water
  • Decrease Ice attacks by 20% but melts them in to water attacks( Extreme heat melts Ice)
  • Powers up Fire type attack -1 turn Solar Beam

Signature Move: Volcano Fury (Physical) Power: 110 Accuracy: 70 50% chance to burn fouls

That being said I will end my suggestion here

90% Chance to Freeze: Banned from Ubers

Banned from AG

that is so impossible from the stats to the signature move but it will be a good introduction for ag pokemons it’s just unfair even for mega rayquaza

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Kyogre’s ability shouldn’t make thunder 100% accurate.

Done a few tweaks to the moves, stats and ability.

any status chance above sacred fire (50%) is a little unreasonable. also, you have to drop the accuracy level to 85-90. edited

and you are giving groudon a total of 3 immunities?

personally, if I wanted to make a special groudon move, I’d try dual typing it.

Change the Freeze chance to 10-15%…

Three immunity?

turns ice to water=immune electric=immune water=immune

turning ice into water is actually a nerf to primal groudon. It has a 4X weakness to water but is immune to it.

It would be very difficult to code ice turning to water while still working but not regular water.

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can i suggest make groudon’s speed to 100 also and put the 20 points to sp.atk


these things had better need items. otherwise put a choice specs on kyogre (mewtwo-y with MUCH better defenses) and boom- 900 special attack stat

Incidentally, this thing would have a really awesome sprite. groudons not terribly original however.

Done with the held items, the story line is up to Game Freak