New Delta Pokemon

I know there are a few unique delta Pokémon in the game, but none of them have quite caught my eye to be honest. The Delta Ralts Evolution line is by far my favourite out of all of them, but how cool would it be to have a Delta Whismur Evolutionary line? Whismur and Loudred aren’t exactly my favourite Pokémon, but Exploud has really won me over in term of Design, Stats, and overall move pool (for a basic Normal type) and I thought it was be so cool to have a Delta Exploud!

Suggestions for Delta Exploud: Typing: Fire, Poison (any typing works, I just thought Fire/Poison sounds really awesome) Abilities: Drought, Poison Point, (Maybe Flame Body) Move Pool: Pretty much any Fire and/or Poison type move in the game (apart from Legendary Pokémon’s moves. (Fusion Flare, etc.))

That’s all I can think of in terms of needed information at the moment, but if I missed anything, please let me know in the comments, and I would love to hear other peoples’ suggestions :smile:

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YES! All i want is a fire poison type, electric poison type, and electric dark type! Also, it’ll need more coverage than just fire poison. Probably something to counter the 4x ground damage. Also, if you have a sprite, you can submit it to the holon dex challenge thing.

I mean the 4x ground weakness isnt that big of an issue, you could easily get a custom move to counter ground types, or avoid groud types overall. I feel like it will be near impossible to avoid at least one 4x effect type disadvantage with any Pokemon and Ill work on a sprite too :slight_smile:

Somebody actually posted a Delta Whismur line a couple of days ago, you should check it out :slightly_smiling: though, it’s Water/Rock type.

Yes I saw this post shortly after I made mine, I thought it was a cool concept but thought a Fire/Poison type would be much cooler considering a lot of early-gen fossil Pokémon are Rock/Water types and we seem to have like NO Fire/Poison type Pokémon.

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The fact that we both chose the Whismur Evolutionary line was pure coincidence I guess, I just really like Exploud as a pokemon and want to see a delta version

we do have Delta Sunkern/Sunflora but i agree, Fire/Poison types do seem to be lacking!

I didn’t actually know there was a Fire/Poison Sunkern line until I got the delta sunkern in a hidden grotto today xD

True, was just some constructive criticism.