Needing a foreign Delta Ditto

Trading Name: Nechroma

Offer: Jolly (EV Trained and 6IV) Shiny Charizard, around 12 IV stones, a 6IV Jolly DDitto, OR 5 Pokemon that are perfect nature, EV, and IV trained for battles (also level 120)

Request: Foreign Delta Ditto (I live in the US and I want something like a +3 or more DDitto)

Further info: I’m trying to do the Masuda Method, trying to slave myself into getting delta shinies basically, because they’re cool. Anyway, if you wanna do the trade lemme know cuz all the 'mons I have up there are for trade.

I have a 6IV D-Ditto (Hardy), and I’m Danish. (it might be set to German, as my language is set to that)
I’d like to trade for the 6IV Jolly D-Ditto, if you’d like.

Actually no, I’d prefer the 12 IV stones…
Do you trade a bunch of Pokémon holding them to do it?

lol you can drop them off as gifts at your secret base

Ah, didn’t know

lol its the post box in your secret base. I can drop off a gift at your base and show you how

Aight, my online name is Noct’urna

k give me 2 mins. Do you use discord? its easier that way


k ill send a friend req

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