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Need to transfer shiny starter

I do have the shiny charm so odds are 1/1365. I’ve just been getting incredibly unlucky

Wow. How many times do u think u have been hunting it, like how many soft resets?

I’ve lost count, but I’ve for sure reached over 35k encounters

Then ur WAYYYYYYY overdue for a shiny.

Well when I was grabbing a few pokemon I randomly found a shiny mismagius, so I guess that just drained the last bit of shiny luck I had

Dang. I wish you luck for the vic.

i have a shiny delta charizard, it took like 3 days to get. yeah i got incredibly lucky

i also have a s.d.zard through the art of trading

i hate shiny hunting

ye at this point your like a pro at trading even tho you get scammed over with hacked mons quite bit lmao


but not beause they are hacked… it is because i did not know who llane was

still true thou

thats as good as it being hacked lol

haha, ima keep hunting cuz i love the look iof the shiny.-

Screw this. Im done hunting.

well, that didnt last long did it?


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