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Need to transfer shiny starter

Trading Name: Vihaan

Offer: Anything I guess

Request: I am trading a shiny delta charmander to my other save

Further info:I need someone to trade it into my other save.

The shiny delta charmander

Yea im shiny hunting it rn

Do u know how to get one/


So… how?

I am hunting by saving in front of starter so I can get it

Yep. Otherwise you could breed for one.

Ok, well could u tell an estimate on how long it would take?

Uh so normal odds are 1/4096. With a shiny charm it’s 1/1098. Breeding with a masuda ditto is around 1/612 with no shiny charm. And with shiny charm and masuda those odds drop by 100

Oh. But I dont have shiny charm sooooo

Lmao. Wouldn’t help you because you’re hunting at the beginning of the game

Ha. But do u know an estamite of how many minutes or hours it would take to get it?

shiny charm+ no outside factors is 1/365 roughly, and masuda with no shiny charm is 1/683

masuda+charm is 1/512

You changed your pfp.

@Sbeve do u have a shiny delta starter??

no not yet, I’m still hunting victini

Oh ok. Camn u pls ping me if u find shiny victini? I really want to see you catch it!

Sure ig, although I’ve been hunting this thing for a long time now I wouldn’t expect a ping anytime soon

Whoa. What is the chance of getting a shiny vic, I think its rly rare right? But not impossible.