Need some help lmao

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: I can probably breed you smth or give you an iv stone

Request: Need some help transferring some mons from my main save file to my new one

Further info: That’s it. Don’t have anything else to say kek

how many mons and how many iv stones, also check discord insurgence_trades

3-4 Mons. I’d give 1-2 IV Stones.

ok, ill trade

Cool, I’ll need to escape from the darkrai base first. Shouldnt take a lot of time lmao

ok… also tell me about the shiny trade

Yeah I answered, check the discord

saw it

I’ll go catch some trash mons then. Would you be available in like, a bit?



I can trade now , sorry for the wait @one_above_all

ok, wait a sec


type your tradename



Alright, one sec

ok… no backup required cause we are not trading shinies

Ugh, about that. I think a backup is required
i was gonna transfer my shiny swablu lmao