Need Snowballs for Ice Beam

Trading Name: MonoWater

Offer: My eternal undying gratitude :slight_smile: I don’t have much tbh, so ask and I’ll see if I have it. Also open to doing favours, again depending on what I’ve got. Still pre-postgame btw.

Request: 53 Snowballs

Further info: Need TM13 so I can challenge the E4. Farming snowballs from wild Pokemon was made tough on purpose (in ideal circumstances, highest rate is 4%)

Let me know when the first 50 are in, then I’ll empty the mailbox and you can put the last 3 in there. Anything after 50 starts overwriting the previous items. Thank you for your time


I guess you can use this guide

Hi, thank you for the reply. I’ve already gotten every Snowball available pre-postgame, that’s why I’m asking for help. Farming wild Pokemon for the remaining 53 is not something I have the time or patience for.

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I have a lotta extra snowballs that I’m not gonna use anytime soon, but I only have about 30…

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No worries, I got it figured out. My brother helped me out. Thanks for replying though!


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