Need pokemon with pokerus

Will offer meloetta, delta metagross ruin (Jolly), delta blaziken (adamant), infernape (Hasty), or ampharos (quiet) for a pokemon with pokerus (the pokemon that can spread it to others). Everyone except meloetta are below lv 50. Also, ampharos is not shiny

Trading Name: Gabe10

Offer: pokemon listed above

Request: Pokemon with active strain of pokerus

Further info:My PC

Trading with pokerus is currently bugged and will remove it from the pokemon once traded. You’ll have to wait until its fixed if you want a pokemon traded with pokerus.

(Also not really important but a pokemon with pokerus is no where near as valuable as a meloetta, or any of those pokemon listed tbh considering you can get a pokemon with pokerus for no effort as long as you have it on one)

I know. If the trading ever gets fixed, just find someone nice who’ll pass on their pokerus to something like a level 5 pikachu and just keep it in your party till it spreads.

thanks dog for the insight. I honestly don’t care about those pokemon because there novelty wore off on me. Acquiring Meloetta was just a means to getting lucarionite, and the Meloetta puzzels only took me roughly 3 hours in total. Having a pokemon with pokerus would have been more benefical to me in the long run when I ev train for the battle frontier (Im currently at the 4th gym).

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