Need masuda ditto for shinyrun

Trading Name: MadShinyHunter1

Offer: asian (+9 region) ditto

Request: any other ditto not from the same region that has 30 atk iv, 30 speed iv and 30 spatk iv

Further info: sorry if this is too specific but i want to hunt a seperior for my shinyrun world. Now i was gonna hunt in fs but then i wouldnt be able to get hp fire. I’ll prob end up hunting in fs but itll be useful for other mons atleast. The ditto MUST have 30 speed iv so that in case i dont get hp fire i can get ice. if you want i could chuck some iv stones along with the ditto. lmk if you want anything specific in the ditto

That’s quite an order. I could hunt it, but, considering how bad luck I have, I’d normally get in over a year

I can totally get one with a 30 Speed IV though

I want to try too since I need a masuda

yeah ik, i can do with hp ice tho, grass/fire and grass/ice hit the same number of pokemon for resisted damage

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So yeah, I’ll hunt you the ditto, I’d appreciate if I could get your ditto plus an IV stone or Two

ill put the stones in your friend safari

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i didnt do it rn, ill drop the stones tmrw cuz its like 12am and honestly i have no idea how/why im up

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U can leave the stones once I actually get the ditto

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Did you get the ditto? Also do you want anything specific from my ditto like a certain IV or nature or smth.

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