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Trading Name: TheKillerBee

Offer: make a request

Request: Mega salammanceite or a super strong lv 80 or higher

Further info:I need one of these to help me beat the final battle against the dragon dood. I would need the salamanceite for my salamace so I have a good mega or a strong lv 80. Also if you have a good pokemon that has good competive stats I will trade for it.

I don’t think you need level 80s, I beat Taen with a team of level 50s

i know i personally just ran delta gardevoir and calm mind? i think it was to buff my sp attack up and just swept it with the ice / electric moves ssince they seem to have pretty good coverage for most of the fights lol delta gallege or probably anything else really that you could just stat buff should be able to do some work on it

lol just beat him

I do have dalta gallade i use him he is bay, can i trade him for your delta gardivoir im work on a competitve team now that i beat the game i basing it around Mega salamance (your salamce i traded for) and he is super strong im eving him with attack and speed runing dragon dance rock slide dragon rush and double edge, Im probable going to do dragon claw or protect in replace of dragon rush

don’t use double edge, use return since the recoil is serious, especially since roost is not available yet.

Okay do you have any competitive pokemon i can trade for to use for my team. Right know i have Garchomp, Mega Salamance, and delta Gallade. Also I would gladly take sugestions of pokemon to trade for

By the way Im a good pokemon battler in the actual game and I know my IV and EV crap. In the main game I run a Mega Mawile trick room team whick is super poweful

The only one I have that is viable is like a ton of 5IV or 6IV protean froakies with grass knot, ice beam and toxic spikes, but now I can actually breed some with good IVs since I have 8 IV stones

I would take one of the 6iv or 5iv protean forkie if you would trade one let me know

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