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Need help with training delta larvesta


How am I supposed to train this larvesta from level 40 to level 100 with no trainers left? I’ve seen other people use the secret base, but I don’t wanna spend what little money I have left before I buy heals for e4 postgame


u can let me have the larvesta and i can train it to lvl 100 free of charge
but then its a risky move since we might have no contact with each other.


I wanna do the training myself because I have move sets and stuff I wanna try out while training cuz I’m using it as my setup and walk most likely


You can farm money by using the Memory Chamber function of the Pokegear. Specifically, Gentleman Dun gives $7200 when using an amulet coin and only has a single level 50 Dunsparce. I tend to farm this way for a while before using the secret base trainer, then rinse and repeat.

Edit: If you don’t have it, to get the memory gear function on the Pokegear, you need to use the Pokegear upgrader in your secret base. The function itself should be at the furthest right.


Alternatively, Sonata Tracks gives you tons of money as well.