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Need help with tips (Pokemon Reborn)

How Some people Are awere
I’m doing a Pokemon Reborn Playtrough. You can see from the Start by clicking here…
and I’m having some doubts with Team Biulding,Rotation how do i make this things
And tips about the Game itself
to how to progress “smothily”
So I’m creating this thread to not poluate anymore the
Playtrough Thread
And that it!
Any Kind of tip Aroud this thing will be really helpfull.
Thanks in Advice!

Ps: I think is better to Link this as well

the game is, hard to say the least. breeding is going to be your best friend, and you may want to train and use several different pokemon. EV training is pretty much mandatory. Make sure you get all event pokemon ASAP as quite a few of them are unobtainable anywhere else and they have a good chance of having their HAs

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Hey guys
Between Sleep Powder and Toxic
What of them i sould use?
The pokemon that wil recieve via level up is Oddish
in level 35
and I’m in the Corey gym

Hey guys
I’m Planning to use Hariyama as My long term Fighting Type Rotation pokemon…
What set I should use with him
What ability?

I was breeding there, in my Playtrough, until i got this fletchling
It’s a Jolly one
I should take him or use a Adamant instead?

EDIT: that is already decided
I will use a flame body Adamant Talonflame
To make use of 3 offensive moves and roost
(Flare Blitz,Brave Bird and Steel wing)

I’ve just learn that Donphan can know Ice shard
I will need a seel to get that move for him…
Someone know were i can find were i am now?
if not…
When i can find?
(this is copy of the other post veacause i want to make this doubt clear)

I’m needing this answer here
because, I have the breed mons ready and i wave wanted to know
What nature i should use,
What item i should use, and,
What ability i should use.

When I will get access to:


Citrine Montain

I’m asking this because i discover that


Swinub it accessible there, with this i can get Ice shard on Donphan
Plus having the ability sturdy can be handy with this

Seel is in Ametrine mountain

Swinub is in Citrine Cave
Next to the abandoned plant
bt i need the HM for Rock Smash

What do y’all think of i hold the evolution of fletchinger until he learn Steel wing
he learn in level 48
On the contrary of talonflame
Who learn in lv 60

Edit: i just realized that it will take longer that i expected
So i will only overlevel until he learn acrobatics

Go for it.

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Hey people…
I just wanted to know
What pokemon has the best use of the move “Power Gem”
It’s a really usefull move that will help explore a lot of caves in this game

If you know witch pokemon it’s the best to use
can you explain were and when i can find that pokemon?

Thank You

Necrozma is a good pokemon, get him and you might be able to beat the 4th gym. (seriously though try Sableye, you don’t get many options.