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Need Help With Prion Town Battle With Persephone

This is my team for the Persephone battle in Prion Town. (I think that’s what it’s called.) I continue to fail at it. Does anybody have a suggestion on what I can make better? I’ll answer any questions you have about my Pokemon.

could you give me their natures/items, also what difficulty are you on, are you struggling with a specific pokemon?

Items, then natures:
Hydreigon: Dragon Fang, Hardy
Delta Muk: King’s Rock, Careful
Trevanant: Focus Sash, Quiet
Delta Gallade: Exp. Share, Bold
Delta Venusaur: D. Venusaurite
Delta Typhlosion: D. Typhlosionite
I have trouble with Spiritomb, and Metagross. I can’t decide whether or not to Mega Evolve Typhlosion, and Venusaur. I’m on normal difficulty, so at the start New Moon is active, so Fairy moves are less effective. I also bring plenty of healing items. (Hyper potions and revives.) Been struggling for a few days.

Ok. Nevermind. I just now beat her. Thanks for being willing to help me.

Ok, just so you know, mega delta typhlosion is only really strong in new moon/rain, so you may want to only run mega delta venusaur and keep typhlosion in it’s base form with specs/scarf.

Also if you end up having trouble with the E4, I’d be more than happy to help

Ok. Thanks