Need help with making a team

I want to create a competitive team built around Mega Delta Charizard and Bisharp, but I’m unfortunately having trouble with it and don’t know where to start. I’m relatively new to competitive pokemon, though I do have somewhat basic knowledge of it, such as roles, types of teams, etc. I’m making this post to ask if someone can help me create a team and guide me through the process. Thanks :smile:

Same i dont understand more than half of the things but i do know you need type coverage and good status moves like swords dance and stuff.

@Hitt some pokemon you could incorporate in a team like that would be:
D. ludicolo - is psychic and water type coverage for fighting types that could (possibly) take down the delta bisharp also he is a good wall if you use certain moves on him.
Mew - can basically learn any move and is a need for speed demon if you do a little bit of ev & iv training in speed.
EDIT: and you would prob want atleast 2 fire type moves on any of your pokemon in case your opponent uses bug types. (remembers has to fight zenith in infernal base and has difficulties with volcarona and groudon)

This is everything that came to mind :confused:

Noted! Thanks for the ideas!

np, i’ll right more if they come to mind…