Need help w/Cradily Moveset

So i would really like to use Cradily in-game, and just caugth this one in Friend Safari:

Need any suggestions with the moveset, im planning on using it as special wall/attacker, thats why i give it modest nature and some EVs in sp.atk. Also it will hold Leftovers once im done leveling up.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english :innocent:

Cradily is not a good special attacker. It is better suited as a wall. However, if you really want special attacker Cradily, one of those set may interests you. Remember that there is always Choice Lens or Assault Vest + 4 special attacks, or Expert Belt + 2 STAB + coverages.

Option 1: Subseed + 2 specials Leech Seed Substitute Giga Drain/Energy Ball/Earthpower/Ancientpower x2

Option 2: Sunnybeam Sunny Day Solarbeam Hidden Power (let’s hope it is Fire) Ancientpower (to hit Fire Pokemon which resist other moves)

Thanks, ill check those set for sure; and honestly i have no special reason to make it an attacker, i know its offensive stats arent that great but for me to be OK making it a wall, i need Toxic on it but TM isnt available yet…And to be even more honest i never liked to breed, its just plain boring to me, i can barely EV train and because is so easy in Insurgence, but breeding im a clear nope :tired_face:

Having said that, ill really appreciated if you tell me whats the best possible set for a Cradily (even as a wall, it doesnt matter), moves, nature, ability, EVs :innocent:

Sorry, but for me it is very hard to find a Cradily set without breeding, but you can try this.

Defensive Stealth Rock @Leftovers

  • Stockpile
  • Swallow
  • Stealth Rock
  • Giga Drain / Energy Ball

Use this set to open a fight. Throw Stealth Rock if the opposing Pokemon is not a thread to Cradily. Otherwise, switch out or Stockpile. Giga Drain + Stockpile + Swallow + Leftovers = come at me bro! Energy Ball is a stronger STAB than Giga Drain.

Other options including Spit Up, which is a 300 power Normal move after 3 Stockpile. Substitute can also be used to prevent status, but ingame you can just Full Heal it.

Modest nature can be used to be able to deal very high damage with Spit Up. Bold or Calm can be chosen to make it sturdier. If you hate RNG, negative speed nature can be chosen too with very minimal consequences.

EV wise, 252 HP 252 SpA and 6 SpD can be used, or 252 SpA and the rest is divided between Defense and Special Defense. I’m not a fan of magic numbers so that is the best I can offer with EV.

Thank you very much bro, in the end i decide to use Ferrothorn instead of Cradily, it has greater defenses :wink:

Swallow is a pretty terrible move. I’d put Confuse Ray or Protect there, to get more turns from Leftovers without losing Stockpile buffs.