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Need help transfer to second save file

Trading Name: Flo93974

Offer: Delta Breeding or something else

Request: Help

Further info:I have only 6 Pokémons to transfer

I could help, I really need a poliwrathite. If you could give me that I’ll help you transfer

i have it (the first pokemon sent will have the poliwrathite(Ronflex))

ok gimmie a sec to launch

Getting this. Idk why

Try Flo93974

Are you on rn?

tap exactly Flo93974

It lowercases automatically, let me try restarting my game

Ok it’s working now, sorry about the delay

is your pseudo kael4king ?

my trade name should be kael4king yeah

This is my first time trading

is this right? I’m trading dummy mons and then I’ll trade you back yours on your other save

when i enter the username i would like to trade with, nothing happening??

wait try doing it one more time, I’m stuck on a blank screen and I think it’s waiting for you to also try trading.

I can’t reply anymore but I can edit

i looked the poliwrathite location, it’s post-game content :thinking:
sorry for giving you false hope and good luck for finding it

alternate title should be two wholesome noobs trying out the GTS for the first time
this is what i live for

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